The Cabinet of South Africa says it’s confident that the SABC will continue to serve the interests of the all the people of the country.

This was revealed in its results statement on the cabinet’s latest meeting held this Wednesday, where the issue over censorship at the public broadcaster was discussed.

“Cabinet reaffirmed its support for media freedom, freedom of expression and the right of any person to access information in South Africa. These rights, well enshrined in the Constitution, will always be upheld and protected by all,” the statement said.

It further went on to say that current discussions around the SABC’s editorial decisions on violent public protest footage “should be held in a constructive manner that would serve to strengthen our democracy”.

“The role of the SABC as the public broadcaster remains vital for the development of our young democracy,” Cabinet concluded.

Icasa verdict on SABC censorship yet to be announced

The country is eagerly waiting to hear Icasa’s verdict on the censorship debacle based on arguments heard at a hearing held at its offices three weeks ago.

Icasa must determine whether or not SABC’s revised editorial policy and the violent protest footage ban goes against its code of conduct or not.

The verdict was meant to be announced yesterday, but has been delayed. It’s rumoured Icasa will provide a ruling on Monday.

[Source – Cabinet]