While large parts of South Africa are currently enjoying school holidays, this week has been far from quiet.

In this week’s edition of the htxt.africast, Clinton, Lungelo and Brendyn huddle around the in-studio heater to have a chat.

First up, Brendyn gives us a run down about what’s been happening with our neighbours to the north, Zimbabwe. Earlier this week a widespread Whatsapp outage was reported. Later that same day the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe warned citizen not to engage in subversive behaviour.

Brendyn also runs through a few ways to protect your privacy online.

Next up Lungelo sums up the going-ons at the SABC over the last seven days. After giving us a run-down of what happened at the protest last week, Lungelo sums up statements made about the broadcaster by the ANCYL and the ANC itself. The two seem to have a difference of opinion.



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