It’s no secret over here at that we’re massive fans of Mr Robot.

Between the show’s accurate portrayal of hacking to its melding of elements from American Psycho, Fight Club and… well, Hackers it was one of our top rated pieces of entertainment last year and we’ve been champing at the bit for Season 2.

The new season kicks off in the States this Wednesday, but if you were quick at the weekend, you could have watched the first episode of Season 2 online. This is because the show’s creators uploaded the Season 2 premiere onto social media sites in its entirety.

The first episode of the new season – called “” – was made available for viewers through Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and the show’s official YouTube page.

Fans only had a small window to watch the episode as it was deleted off all these site shortly after the show’s official Twitter account announced its availability. The account also promised fans more was to come after it yanked the premiere.

The decision by the show’s creators to leak the season premiere isn’t completely unexpected. Mr. Robot’s first ever episode debuted online before its initial terrestrial broadcast and the viewing numbers it pulled in guaranteed it a second season.

The fact the premiere is now off the official online channels doesn’t mean that it’s disappeared from the internet completely. Given the knowledge that the show’s producers have demonstrated in Mr. Robot’s presentation and plots, it’s more than likely that they know this.

We’re not saying that you should hit the torrent sites. We’re just saying we’re prepared to bet cash that “” is sitting on at least one of them.