Over the weekend something rather strange happened on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) section.

AMAs are one of Reddit’s biggest draws and has featured figureheads such as Barack Obama and Steve Wozniak. The person being questioned over the weekend, though, was a sex worker offering her services to the site’s “adult virgins”.

For those unfamiliar with how AMAs work: people of interest will pitch themselves to the Reddit community, opening themselves up to almost any question. Hence the thread’s name “Ask Me Anything” and the fact that they often go wrong thanks to the community being in charge of both writing the questions and voting on which get the most attention.

Take Steven Seagal’s recent turn on the spit where the community asked him hard questions about his supposedly violent past and general assumed status as a terrible human being. The top question read: “Is it true that you got choked out by Gene Lebell ? Here’s Joe Rogan telling the story“, which Seagal did not answer.

One important aspect of AMAs is that they’re usually seen as a way for celebrities and companies to market themselves, usually taking place when either of them have a new item or service to sell. This is generally accepted as the norm, but when handled carelessly they can, like the Seagal debacle, go horribly wrong.

Enter Roxanne Price, a sex worker from the Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch North. Before we go any further keep in mind that where Price works – a licensed brothel in the US state of Nevada where prostitution is legal.

She began marketing to Reddit on the “Forever Alone” section of the site. /r/ForeverAlone is supposed to be a supportive community dealing with the sad facts of loneliness and even features links for those who are thinking about suicide.

The video she posted can be seen bellow:

While the post on /r/ForeverAlone can only kindly be described as a “mixed response”, the AMA was a generally more level-headed affair.

We’ll let you read it at your leisure, just keep in mind that it has a lot of the satirical responses you’d expect from Reddit. Hell, the top question is “Do you play PokemonGo?”?

Regardless of what you think about the whole situation this AMA was almost solely about advertising. Price and the company she works for are using Reddit as a platform to make money.

While the approach they took can be considered questionable (seemingly targeting Reddit as a hotbed of adult virgins), it starts and ends there. Make any other assumptions you want based on what we’ve shown you.