Maker Faire is returning to Cape Town in 2016, and the call has been put out for local makers to show their stuff between between August 26th and 28th 2016.

The organisers are offering them a massive stage to show off what their creations and to inspire attendees to pick up tools let their imaginations run wild.

There’s a lot of ways to get involved, not all of which involve showing (and telling) what you’ve built.

For those who want to exhibit, there are two categories: non-profit and commercial. The non-profits will enjoy a reduced rate on the rental space to further their cause.

Also of note here is that  “start-up companies, corporate entities, and established companies” do not qualify for the commercial category here, instead fitting into the “Start-up” and “Sponsor” categories instead.

If none of that is for you, you can volunteer to help throughout the weekend. This is a great opportunity for students who want to start making or have some hands-on experience.

Regardless of where you see yourself in those categories, everyone needs to fill out this form to qualify . Just remember that applications close six days from now, on July 18th 2016.

Apply now

If you want to see what happened at the faire last year, check out our 2015 coverage below: