South African transport startup, GoMetro, has launched a brand new information communication system, with the addition of GoMetro TV streaming solution.

GoMetro TV is a streaming HDMI  device which connects the GoMetro info portal to a TV and streams traffic and transport updates via a WiFi network for many people in one room or area to see.

It’s designed to be used in venues such as hotels, office receptions, airports, convention centres, hotels, hospitals, universities and schools.

Information displayed includes road-speed, incidents in the area, queue-lengths and other traffic data collected within the vicinity as well as  the nearest Uber cab locations, weather updates, news headlines, stock performance and sports headlines.

Users can add their own corporate content through an easy-to-use web interface.

“The Traffic Screen is intended to show users how bad traffic is in the immediate vicinity so that they either reconsider undertaking their journey right now or they consider using a different mode of transport to accomplish the journey,” GoMetro CEO, Justin Coetzee explained in a statement.

“The size and scale of the city around the site will determine the traffic view applicable, whether it is local only or also encompasses the greater urban area. Real-time travel times to nearby popular destinations in the city can also be shown at the fringes of the screen to provide more information to aid travel decisions,” Coetzee added.

The TV stream also shows you exactly how much CO2 a particular trip will consume.

GoMetro is offering two types of pricing packages for GoMetro TV. The Professional package offers 50/ 50 advertising revenue and is R1 499 per month per screen. The Premium package does not have adverts and comes at R2 499 per month per screen.