Yesterday we brought you the story of the Activity Key, a wearable from Jaguar that lets you lock and unlock their new F-Pace, but that was also half of the story.

Joining the Activity Key is the Apple Watch and an app from Jaguar that lets you control many aspects of the car.

From your wrist you’ll be able to check out details such as how much fuel is in the tank, what distance you can drive on it, the current odometer reading and more.

There’s also some quality of life features such as door lock status. If you’ve ever left your car and walked off only to later suffer the crippling doubt that you’ve left it unlocked, you’ll really appreciate this. If you did leave it unlocked, you can just lock it from wherever you are.

You can accomplish this and other remote operations (like having a map guide you back to your car) thanks to the F-Pace being connected to the internet. You can pick up a data sim from any of the South African cellular providers and the car will connect online through that.

If you want to have a play with this app and see what it can do, you can download a version for your phone on Android or iPhone. You won’t need to own one of the cars or sneak into a dealership, because the app comes with a demo mode.

Finally, we just want to add that we can’t think of a more flashy show of money than controlling your brand new Jaguar from your Apple Watch.