Futurama is getting a fan-made film in the form of project named Fan-O-Rama, and, as far as they fan projects go, it looks pretty damn good.

The people behind the film, a production company called “Cinema Relics” isn’t providing a lot of information about the film. We looked around on the official site and found the FAQ to be lacking.

Right now it has no release date (other than “when it’s done”) and there’s no mention as to whether or not they asked Futurama’s owners, 20th Century Fox , if they could do this with their licence.

We’re concerned because the trailer looks great and we’d hate for them to be shut down by Fox.

As expected some aspects of Futurama just don’t translate well into live action. Leela and Professor Farnsworth look especially creepy.

This may be because what you see in the trailer isn’t CGI, but homemade effects and makeup. We can’t help but feel that this method lends itself to looking too much like the cheesy porn parodies that continually pop up.

Regardless, we’d love to give Fan-O-Rama a watch when it comes out. Whenever that is.

Don’t forget that Futurma has multiple feature length movies already in the form of the Bender’s Big Score story arc. They, like the rest of the series, are worth the watch.