As Pokémon Go continues to take over the world, more and more players are looking for ways to game the system. The most impressive method we’ve seen is this robot that plays the game for you.

Created by YouTube channel Matt Vitelli, the core of the robot is a Novint Falcon robotic arm with a phone stylus duct-taped to the end of the mechanism.

It’s told what to do thanks to a basic iOS app combined with a robotics control program. A webcam pointed at the screen gives the programme visual feedback which it uses to plot input touches on a grid.

Finally, it uses GPS spoofing (a method of tricking your phone into thinking it’s somewhere it’s not) to change the location of the player. This allows the stationary robot to play the game indefinitely from a fixed location.

A massive point of contention here is that this is against the developer’s terms of services, and trying this out yourself is an easy way to get your account banned. While it looks nice and easy in the video, we do not suggest doing it yourself.

For those of you who are equally impressed as they are disgusted, let us tell you that cheating in games this way has a rich history that precedes Pokémon Go.

There have been machines to automate the catching of rare shiny Pokémon as well as make the player character walk which has always had multiple applications in the other games. If you’re new to the franchise know that arbitrary mechanics linked to repetitive tasks has been a staple of Pokémon since its inception.

Finally, if you’re in South Africa or really any country where Pokémon Go has not officially launched, check out our guides on how to get it working on iOS and Android, all malware free.