Today’s applicant for the (Ig)Nobel Prize in engineering: the Arduino Color[sic] Sorter, a machine that will automatically sort your Skittles by colour.

This clever little project comes to us from maker Dejan Nedelkovski who not only uploaded a video explaining the process of making and operating the machine, but also put all the plans, code and instructions on his site for you to use for free.

Here’s how his contraption works: Skittles rest in a tube and are fed one at a time to a holding slot, that slot rotates into a colour scanner to determine where it should go, and a motorised slide moves to allow the candy to fall into a bowl with the rest of its kind.

The projects is helped by two hobby servos given instruction by an  Arduino Nano and a TCS3200 colour sensor.

In all seriousness, this type of project has been around for ages and could even be replicated with LEGO using a Mindstorms set, but it’s still important for beginners to see how simple this kind of automated project is.

Don’t forget that you could adapt this project to any kind of sweets. We have a sneaking suspicion that we keep getting ripped off on blue jellybeans, so we’ll build one of these and report back soon with some hard data.

[Source – Arduino Blog via How To Mechatronics]