Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime of recent years and you can easily pickup props and baubles from the show.

What you can’t buy, however, is a toy version of the swords in the show, as they didn’t exist. Until now, that is.

If you’re not familiar with the show, let’s take a step back and look at why making these swords in real life would be a challenge. The form part of a system called “Vertical Maneuvering Equipment“, among other names. It lets the characters in the show fight the nightmarish monsters, known as Titans.

The first part of the gearing, the actual “manoeuvring” aspect, was not recreated. In the show it shoots out grappling hooks using compressed gas, and then reels them back in, allowing characters to fly around. That’s just not possible in the real world.

What is possible to create are the blades which form the offensive part of the gear. They consist of a handle that can have its blades switched out at will. This is important in the universe of Attack on Titan because the blades used to fight the Titans either shatter or have to be left behind inside the bodies of the Titans. It’s all very grisly and complicated.

Keeping that in mind, see how YouTube content creator The Hacksmith was able to make it possible.

Since The Hacksmith seems to be a massive tease, he didn’t actually show the blades in use. That is, of course, promised for a future video.

What we did get to see is the mechanism of the blades being swapped out, which was important here.

We should also mention the fact that this same guy is working on a propulsion system similar to Iron Man’s, albeit on a smaller scale. We can’t help but hope that he combines the two projects to make a more faithful project.

And, because we talking about the series, we can’t end off without linking you to the brilliant original theme song. So good.