Anybody in doubt as to whether esports is picking up in South Africa need only look to the Telkom Digital Gaming League (DGL) to see that competitive videogames like Dota 2 are on the rise.

This weekend, the DGL Masters tournament will host a Dota 2 tournament that will take place in a cinema.

That might not sound like that big of a deal but humble beginnings such as this often progress exponentially. For example, the largest esports tournament in the world (measured by prize pool), The International, started out in a small room.

The tournament then moved into a theatre and before calling the Key Arena in Seattle its new home.

“We are used to seeing eSports tournaments at conventions or in shopping malls. We are now opening the doors to a whole new audience by using Ster-Kinekor’s state of the art cinemas,” Telkom’s Enzo Scarcella said in a statement.

Choose your heroes

This weekend’s tournament will be shoutcasted by the team of Devon “Hellbord” Rigotti and Shaun “Proseci” Murell. Eight teams from the DGL stable will face off between the 22nd and 24th July

Aperture Gaming – ApG.Dota2

  • Bob “Bob Euls” Yuill
  • Rowan “Phalanx” Budhai
  • Chad “acg” Simpson
  • Philip “OMalley” Swanepoel
  • Adam “Adastam” Moore

Bravdo Gaming – bvd.Dota2

  • Wasim “seeM” Lorgat
  • Donio “Doni” Teixeira
  • Abdur “habibi_D” Kamdar
  • Leon “Flarez” Wong
  • Wesley “oDu” Rose

CarboN eSports – CarboN.Dota2

  • Mo “modase” James
  • Andrew “choseN” Ferguson
  • Anthony “scant” Hodgson
  • Darron “Chelsea)” Reinhardt
  • Charl “Welp” Geldenhuys

Damage Control – DC.Dota2

  • Mark “Filthy Frank” Lehle
  • Liam “Pontofalax” Lehle
  • Cameron “doom_rat” Kyle
  • Michele “Stickalish” Brondani
  • Jake “Stunt” Alfred

FlipSid3 Tactics – FlipSid3.Dota2

  • Dirk “skynet)(” van Velden
  • Carlo “Cy” Colarossi
  • Tertius “Traxion” de Bruin
  • Chrisjan “Destiny” Gilfillan
  • Gavin “faded” Walden

Veneration E-Sports – VnR.Dota2

  • Jeffrey “EmperoR.G6” Fung
  • Daniel “wazoo” Stephen
  • Marnus “DeatH-Note” Fourie
  • Shan “MilkY” Laubscher
  • Claus “Jappa” von Thelemann

White Rabbit Gaming – WRG.Dota2

  • Ryan “ChiDoWi” Lancaster
  • Riaan “DoMzZz” Visser
  • Michael “Santo” Myburgh
  • Travis “Castaway” Waters
  • Nicholas “schlinks” Dammert

[email protected] – xTc.Dota2

  • Dennis “_DotA-and-Die_” Connellan
  • GW “Heffalump” Annandale
  • Teodor “Ripinc” Nel
  • Caleb “DOOMbunni” Semple
  • Rynhardt “RDK” de Kock

Dota fans will be able to stream the tournament through the DGL YouTube Gaming channel which we’ve embedded below.

That’s our weekend entertainment sorted.

[Source – Telkom]