Social innovators are being recognised as the key to helping change the world for the better and the University of Cape Town (UCT) wants to help unearth more such people.

UCT, together with the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship and RLabs, has launched its sixth Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), designed to introduce people to the basics of being a social change innovator.

The course, Becoming a changemaker: Introduction to Social Innovation, is six weeks long and was co-created by the Bertha Centre and RLabs.

“It’s designed to debunk common assumptions around what resources are needed, as well as to encourage people to begin acting as social innovators and changemakers,” the Bertha Centre said in a statement.

Participants will follow the journey of RLabs and other examples of social innovations in Africa and all over the world.

They will be challenged to get out of their comfort zones, to start engaging in and with the diverse spaces, people, challenges and opportunities around them.

RLabs will also be making the MOOC available offline to communities, schools and homes in Cape Town.

“We are excited about pioneering a new kind of MOOC that will reach deeper into communities. It will also advance access to quality education in order to catalyse social change,” UCT’s Francois Bonnici said.

UCT first launched MOOCs in early 2015, making it the first African university to offer this kind of learning on international platforms.