The legendary System Shock is being remade thanks to devs Night Dive Studios and a successful Kickstarter campaign. Now it has reached its first stretch goal which will see the game coming to Mac and Linux.

Stretch goals on Kickstarter are optional extras put in place by the people organising the campaign, offering extra features if it happens to draw in more money than originally planned.

With the original goal for the campaign set at $900 000 (R12.7 million), it recently broke the $1.1 million (R15.6 million) mark, which unlocked the first stretch goal.

This goal not only promises Mac and Linux versions of the game when its released at the promised date of December 2017, but also Razer Chroma support. The Razer Chroma line of peripherals have RGB lighting, so support for it within System Shock will presumably have reactive lighting that will change depending what is happening in the game.

While the lighting part may seem superficial and completely insignificant when compared to the broadened support on other platforms, we think it would work given the game’s aesthetic.

Night Drive Studios also posted an update on the campaign following the news:

Looks like the 1.1m stretch goal has been reached and we’ll be supporting Linux and Mac versions of the game! Thank you all so much for making that possible! :-D We’re working on bringing the demo onto OSX, but no concrete release date for it just yet. We’re hoping to having it some time next week if all goes well.

The System Shock remake stretch goals

The next stretch goal on the list is multi-language support for French, Italian, German and Spanish. With only six days left for the campaign, and the fact that the influx of backers has slowed considerably after the frantic start, it remains to be seen if this will be reached.

This also means that we may never know what the last four goals where, as they look to only be revealed once they were reach or the goals prior to them were unlocked.

With this news, the remake will be available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and now Mac and Linux.

While this is great news for anyone interested in the game playing on the platform, we’re still excited by the fact that you can pay $350 (R5 200) to be featured in the game… as a corpse.