Ah, the Wilhem scream. An audio clip that you’ve probably heard in every movie from Star Wars to Toy Story to multiple Disney movies and everything in between.

Now someone has made a robot  that lets out the famous cry when it is pushed over.

The project, created by YouTube content creator AlphaPhoenix is a simple little machine: an audio recorder with the scream saved to memory connected to an accelerometer. When it senses that the robot has fallen, the audio plays.

To make this Wilhelm a little more sturdy, the creator gave him arms and legs made out of PVC pipe wrapped in foam. With a wooden body and a large speaker for a head, it’s good to go.

This is one of those projects that is just too silly for us not to cover. We recently re-watched Batman v Superman (it doesn’t get better on subsequent viewings, by the way) and even that had a Wilhelm scream in it. With that fresh in our minds we came across this robot and couldn’t resist.

If you need more Wilhelm screams (and you do, it’s like more cowbell), check out this compilation of movies which have used the audio. it was posted back in 2011 and we’d hazard a guess that hundreds of movies have used it since.