Most makers know that 3D printing clothing is pretty old hat, but what about 3D printing onto clothes? YouTube content creator PRESS RESET has done just this, creating his own No Man’s Sky T-shirt.

The man behind the channel, named Preston, explains:

So I decided to see if I could print directly onto a shirt, and look, it worked! So what i did was I inserted the Fleks3D plate on top of the build plate and then I clamped down the shirt to the build plate. I figured that because I was already level for the Fleks3D plate, then I should have that plate in between. I printed this at 0.25 height on my Flashforge MakerBot clone because it is the largest machine I have without a moving build surface. I don’t want the plate moving around just in case the cloth gets caught up on something.

The “Fleks3D plate” that he mentions is a flexible cover for a print bed that lets you lift your print off once it’s done without worrying about it sticking to the bed. It’s like a non-stick silicon mould used in baking, but for 3D printing.

This is a clever use for the technology that we never thought of. It opens up a lot of doors for custom shirts that are a bit more special than the regular silkscreen prints We also imagine that this has many uses in cosplay and other costume making.

As for the No Man’s Sky connection here, it’s of little consequence even though the game is (finally) coming out relatively soon. Like the guy in the video, we’re also incredibly excited by this game, which is promising us the moon… and the rest of the universe.