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Rick and Morty skit using a real courtroom transcript is the funniest thing you’ll see today

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Today’s nominee and winner for funniest video is this Rick and Morty skit, which uses the transcript of an altercation between a judge and murder suspect in a courtroom in Georgia.

Let us explain: during this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con fans were shown a video featuring Rick and Morty. While it shared a similar “in progress” look to the actual exclusive clip shown during the con, it isn’t meant to be featured in the show.

Instead it’s a skit many are calling Defendant Rick and Judge Morty, voiced almost entirely by Justin Roiland who performs the voices for both characters. In it Rick is being questioned by Morty in a courtroom and in the crazy universe of the show it’s pretty standard so far.

That is, until you learn where the dialogue actually came from. The curse and threat riddled exchange was delivered in a courtroom in Georgia between superior judge Bryant Durham and murder suspect Denver Allen.

If you still don’t believe us while watching the video, here’s a copy of the transcript directly from the courtroom. Oh, and before you hit play on that clip we should warn you that the content is definitely not safe for work.

In addition: this was recorded by a fan on their phone so it’s not entirely legal. It may be taken down soon so please, please give it a watch before it disappears.

Extremely strong language below


Season three of Rick and Morty is scheduled for the end of this year. Until then you can watch a surprisingly large amount of clips (legally) on YouTube.

[Image – Rick and Morty Wikia]


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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