Can you help Gauteng makerspace find a new home and funding?

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BinarySpace, the local makerspace most famous for sending a space balloon 32 kilometres into the atmosphere, needs your help..

In a blog post on their site, founder and occasional writer on this very site Tom van den Bon explains that BinarySpace needs to be out of its current space by the end of the month.

While the collective has been 100% member funded in the past, rental prices for a new space that would allow it to grow are way beyond the current budget.

So BinarySpace is looking for sponsors who can help pay the rent in exchange for branding and more. As van den Bon explains:

…we have been scouting for a new space the past couple of weeks and while we have found some options they are all mostly our of budget. We are currently looking at a decent sized space that will allow us to continue and to expand. Unfortunately it is still out of our budget. We do believe that with the space we are looking at we can turn BinarySpace into a more sustainable environment, but we need some help to get started thus the reason for this [post]. We are looking for some companies that would be willing to sponsor us some rent money. In exchange we can provide branding and signage opportunities in the space and on our website/[Facebook page] and on our projects. Currently our expenses with the new space will be between R5 000 and R6 000 a month. We have some membership monies coming in each month that can cover part of it, but we are hoping to find a few companies that can come and brand our general meetup or training room in exchange for paying a part of our rent. We posting this everywhere not to request sponsorship from you as individual, but rather to help spread the word and get it out to major companies that would like to get involved.

If you’re a company or individual who would like to take them up on the offer, contact van den Bon directly at [email protected]

And if you need a push, or you want to see what they are capable of, check out a sliver of the projects we’ve written about in the past:


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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