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Your kid can illustrate Lauren Beukes’ monster book

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We love author Lauren Beukes, so we are super excited about the prospect of children illustrating her next book.

Instead of turning to a professional character creator (as normal authors would do), Beukes is recruiting the help of the very little people that her ‘Bostik Book of Unbelievable Beasties’ is intended for.

But how do you get your kid to draw some amazing monsters for the book? Well, it is pretty simply, really.

“The pages of the book can be found at Col’Cacchio pizzeria’s or downloaded, for kids to create beasties that gnarl, spit and glow,” Bostik explains.

If you want to download the blank pages from the website for your child to fill in at home, you can do so from the download section.

From there, the best pictures handed in at Col’Cacchio pizzerias will be chosen to feature in the completed work. Only 500 of the books will be printed, but at least each of the 40 contributors will be supplied with a final copy. The rest will be donated.

In case you are curious, the rhyme that goes with the Vampire Bunny is as follows:

The Vampire Bunny might give you a fright

if you spot this critter stalking your garden at night.

It’s got a fluffy tail and fangs and wears a red cape.

But don’t be afraid, don’t try to escape!

You see, this bunny vamp only sucks carrot juice.

Except on its birthday, when it slurps chocolate mousse.

Beukes gave EWN a bit more detail on the project.

“I decided to make my life difficult and write them in rhyme and I wrote descriptions for 20 different critters that we want kids to be able to draw and glue, to create their own beasties based on the description,” she said.

The competition closes on the 20th of August, so you still have plenty of time to get those drawing in.

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