We really love a good television show or movie, and when four brand-new trailers show up on the internet, it is simply too good to not share with everyone.


This first trailer that was released yesterday is for the second season of the brilliant Netflix series Narcos. The show takes a gritty look at the rise, and life of infamous cocaine dealer Pablo Escobar, and tells it not only though his eyes, but also the people he was involved with.

If you haven’t seen the first season, it will be a very good idea to brush up on it before delving into the second.

The second season will launch on 2nd September, and the trailer gives us a glimpse into America’s war on drugs during that period. For the first season, Netflix said that Narcos garnered more views than season five of Game of Thrones.


Edward Snowden has become synonymous with whistleblowing, and being the main component in the saga that involved the National Security Agency and spying on the American public, it is no surprise that it is being turned into a film.

Oliver Stone is directing the film, simply titled ‘Snowden’, and the second trailer was released at Comic-Con in San Diego yesterday. You can watch the first trailer here.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as Snowden, and in the trailer it shows the moment that he revealed his NSA documentation to journalists in Hong Kong.

The film also stars Shailene Woodley, Zachary Quinto and Tom Wilkinson.

Luke Cage

Coming to Netflix in September, Marvel’s Luke Cage takes a look at one of the franchise’s toughest superheroes.

Starring Mike Colter, it follows Cage around Harlem in New York has he delivers swift justice to any evil-doers. If you watched the Netflix series Jessica Jones, you will remember that Luke Cage was introduced there for the first time on-screen.

Cage will also need to go head-to-head with other characters like Misty Knight and Night Nurse.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a real classic of the stage and screen, and who can forget Tim Curry’s extremely memorable performance as Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Well, Curry will be back for Fox’s remake but he won’t be playing the good doctor. That role has gone to Orange Is the New Black’s Laverne Cox, who will be putting her own spin on Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Curry is however, in the new teaser trailer that was revealed at Comic-Con yesterday. In the main production, Curry will serve as narrator.

The film is to be released around Halloween.