WhatsApp access cut off in Zimbabwe amidst #ShutDownZim stay away

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WhatsApp reportedly stopped working last night in some parts of Zimbabwe as the national civil servants’ #ShutDownZim stay away began.

Government employees around the country organised a stay away today to protest the non-payment of their salaries for the past month.

Most of the conversations and organisational details around the stay away were posted on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter using the #ThisFlag hashtag. Now, according to some reports, it seems authorities in Zimbabwe are trying to put a stop to this.

According to TechZim, WhatsApp is currently not working on the TelOne, Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe, ZOL Zimbabwe, Telecel and Econet mobile networks, but seems to be available on Africom.

Users are advising those who can to access the social media by downloading a secure VPN services.

[UPDATE: We’ve found this really simple article which explains what VPN services are and how you can download them on your mobile. Read here]



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