Last month you may have missed the launch of a Japanese rail shooter by the name of Gal*Gun: Double Peace. 

We’re guessing you did, because no one is talking about the “Mr. Happiness Edition” which comes with a pair of panties. Yes, really.

The game, launched on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on July 22nd in Europe, was created by developers Inti Creates. They’ve worked on the Mega Man franchise as well as Mighty No. 9. This game is the sequel to Gal*Gun, which came out in 2011.

But back to the underwear. The Mr. Happiness Edition is a $99 (R1 372) or $94.99 (R1 317) collector’s edition depending on whether you get the PS4 or PS Vita edition. It comes with the game, the soundtrack on disc, a code for some DLC, a wall scroll, an art book and the Mr. Happiness “Screen Cleaner”.

The “screen cleaner” is a pair of panties, and the creators of this clearly know this because they refer to it in inverted commas themselves.

GalGun Double Peace Collector's Edition Panties

These editions of the game are limited to the UK retailer Rice Digital, who specialise in Japanese games and merchandise.

If, for some reason, you need this in your life, the PS Vita version has sold out while the PS4 version remains available. Alternatively, the game is available to download on the South African PlayStation Store.

This inclusion wouldn’t be too bad if the panties actually was a screen cleaner, but Rice Digital published an unboxing on YouTube where you can see that they’re an undergarment and nothing else.

Our favourite part of the video is when the much-lauded panties get screen time, and the people in the video have to quickly correct themselves when they say “panties” instead of “screen cleaner”. Come on guy, cut the ruse.