You don’t need to be an Afrikaans music fan to know that Koos Kombuis is one of the country’s most influential musicians. The veteran muso has been active for a number of decades, and is now turning to crowdfunding for his latest album – ‘Langpad na Lekkersing’ (roughly translated to ‘Long road to Joyfully Singing’).

The musician has set up a Jumpstarter page, and has set the goal necessary to make the album a reality at R100 000. At the time of writing, he has managed to get 58 backers pledging around R86 000.

“Koos is appealing to his fans in South Africa and abroad to contribute to this effort in exchange for rewards, public recognition and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to acquire items of historical significance. This is your chance to become part of the buzz surrounding this album, to feel involved with the project, and to obtain incredible collectors’ items from the private life of the icon himself!” the page reads.

There are five pledge tiers to choose from, with the lowest amount (R200) getting you a free download of the tracks as soon as they are available. There are only 300 of these available, and 275 have already been scooped up.

If you wanted to donate the big money, you are out of luck as there was only one available at the R50 000 tier.

According to the site, the first person to pledge the amount would receive a free download of the tracks, a signed copy of the CD, an original sketch by Koos Kombuis (A4 size), special recognition in the CD booklet and Koos’ famous Beyerskloof guitar, brandishing the logo “My Tros is My Trots!”

Making music in South Africa is expensive, which is why Koos has set the bar at R100 000.

“This amount will cover the cost of the studio, the payment of musicians and producer, mixing and mastering fees, the design and printing of the CD booklet and pressing of pre-orders,” the page explains.

You can watch the video below in which he explains what the album will be about, and also gives you a sneak peek at the title track. Just note, it is in Afrikaans.

[Image – YouTube]


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