MyMiniFactory – a curated platform for posting 3D printable designs – is hosting a Pokémon GO design competition, and it’s already created a host of great stuff you could be printing.

We recently featured MyMiniFactory and a Pokémon GO hosted on the site in the form of a phone case that makes catching Pokémon easier.

The closing date for contest submissions is August 26th with voting taking place in September. The winner walks away with a Nintendo 3DS XL Pokémon Bundle and, we assume, a lot of street cred in Pokémon design circles; if such a thing exists, that is.

If you want to take part check out the full contest details here; in the meantime, let’s look at some cool creations which already exist:

This is just a tiny selection of the great designs available, so we suggest you take a few minutes to look through the submissions for yourself.

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