There is a way to still get Windows 10 for free from Microsoft… but only as long as you’re willing to bend the truth a bit.

For the general public, the offer to upgrade to Windows 10 for free expired on 29th July. If you want to upgrade to the Windows 10 now, it’s going to cost you R1 399 for the Home version and R2 299 for the Pro iteration through the Microsoft Store.

If you missed the cut-off date, there is another option… kinda.

Microsoft’s Accessibility website is still allowing people using assistive technologies (text-to-speech, the magnifier, on-screen keyboards etc. – basically Windows technologies for people with disabilities) to get their free Windows 10 upgrade even after the deadline for the public has passed. It’s a show of good faith, but it creates a loophole that anybody can exploit.

From what we can gather from The Verge, one simply needs to click the “Upgrade Now” button. That will download an executable file that will start the upgrade process when double clicked.

This does occupy a somewhat legal grey area, because the deadline for a free upgrade has passed, but Microsoft has a perfectly legitimate executable file on its site that lets people upgrade anyway.

With that having been said, Microsoft has made specific mention of this upgrade being for people using assistive technologies.

There is no word yet on when this free offer for those using assistive technologies will expire, but we recommend that those folks do it soon.

Also, as a bit of a public service announcement, be sure to switch your home PC on before you leave for work tomorrow so you can get the Anniversary Update as Microsoft starts beaming it out to users.

[Via – The Verge]


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