If you have a streaming media account that only allows for only one profile, you may have been justified in worrying about how to make sure your children don’t access adult content.

After all, no one wants to come home and find their 10-year-old watching any of the Saw movies or The Red Shoe Diaries.

South African video streaming service ShowMax has announced that, in order to make life easier for parents, subscribers can now set up multiple profiles – including one specifically for children.

Doing so will give kids their own little portal where parents can be confident that they can watch whatever they want without the fear of stumbling onto something adult-themed.

But it goes much deeper than that.

“Different users can now customise their own experience, create individual watch-lists and receive personalised recommendations,” said ShowMax’s Chief Product Officer Barron Ernst. “It’s even possible to set up themed profiles – one for romantic comedies and another for action as an example,”

Naturally, you will be able to set up a profile just for kids.

“Perhaps most importantly, this new feature makes it possible to create kids’ profiles and protect children by ensuring only age-appropriate content is accessible,” he said.

To set up different profiles on the web app, click on the user name (upper right of the screen) > my account > profiles > add profile.

To create profiles on Android and iOS apps, click on the menu button (top left of the screen) > my account > profiles > add profile.

In terms of the age-appropriate profiles, there are four different age settings: younger kids, older kids, teens, and adults. Each profile can also be PIN code protected, and the watchlist and recently watched summaries from one profile are not visible to other profiles.

“With one subscription, parents can watch their favourite show on the big screen while the kids are watching cartoons on a tablet. The great thing about having profiles is the peace of mind that kids can’t accidentally stumble on something they shouldn’t be watching,” concluded Ernst.

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