With not a single municipality bagged, it looks like the EFF is mulling over whether to form coalitions with its biggest rivals, if a Twitter poll is to be believed.

The “Red Berets”, as the party is known, took to Twitter to ask, in a poll, who it should form coalitions with between the ANC and DA, should it want to do so.

This is a very different tune to what it has been singing over the last few months when asked whether they would partner with either party, should things come to a head in big metros like Tshwane and Joburg.

Political analysts however, have highlighted that the Red Berets could become the kingmaker in the two major metros, where the ANC and DA are neck and neck and an official decision is yet to be announced.

Just ten minutes after posting the poll, 604 people had voted, with the majority saying the party should team up with the DA.

By around 8am today, the party had secured two million votes nationwide, making up over 7% of the national total.