It’s election week in South Africa and, like most people, we’re burnt out on politics. Instead we’ll be looking at a new phone from Samsung and a new movie from DC Comics in this week’s htxt.africast

The phone in question is the Samsung Note 7, which not only has a non-chronological name but also a lot of other cool features like an iris scanner and a fancy pen.

Then we discuss the big movie launching today: Suicide Squad. The ensemble movie from DC isn’t doing too well with the critics, and we try to figure out why.

After you’ve listened to the podcast, make sure that you follow the links below which give you all the information we either didn’t have time to speak about, or we simply forgot. Hey, don’t judge, the room that we record the podcast in is extremely small and cold. It’s like the opposite of a prison hotbox.

Make sure to tune in next week, another short week thanks to the Women’s Day public holiday, where we again discuss the week in review in the land of tech. See you then.

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