Recently Rick and Morty delivered a little slice of magic at San Diego Comic-Con: a skit using dialogue taken from courtroom in Georgia.

The video, which was initially referred to as “Defendant Rick and Judge Morty” was a special animation shown to attendees at the con. It simply features voice actor  Justin Roiland (the voice of both main characters) reading a courtroom transcript verbatim over simple animation. If that doesn’t sound very exciting to you, you need to read just a few lines of the transcript.

To give you a taste of what was said between superior judge Bryant Durham and murder suspect Denver Allen, our favourite lines must be “I’ll subpoena in y’all’s ass” or “this is a kangaroo court” replied swiftly by “We’re not in Australia!”. Yes, professional decorum was thrown out the window in that Georgian court, and we have comedy gold to watch because of it.

Since the original video that did the rounds was unofficially recorded on someone’s phone, there was always the chance that it could be taken down by the owners of the show. Luckily, it has not, and we now have an even better version of it to watch.

The extended version of the skit can now be watched on the Adult Swim YouTube channel, or you can just click play below.

One point to note is that this version has the profanity censored, unlike the original (which you can still watch here). We still don’t suggest you watch this at work or with the family though, because it’s just as rough without the cussing.

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