One would think that Suicide Squad had drummed up its fair share of news headlines given that its receptions by both fans and critics alike has been – to put it mildly – mixed.

However, it seems South African rap group, Die Antwoord have an issue with DC’s latest blockbuster and have  has dragged David Ayer back into the fray.

¥o-landi Vi$$er, one of the of the infamous outfit’s MCs took to Instagram to accuse the Suicide Squad director of “jockin our style”. This rambunctious claim was made alongside a video which shows evidence of the director stealing Die Antwoord’s “style”.

Warning, the text in the post below contains some, shall we say, colourful language from Vi$$er.

yes David Ayer u jockin our style. callin ninja up before your movie came our pretendin 2b down, so it looks OK when u bite our black & white graf style & our opening sequence to umshiniwam & an all da lil tiny details u nibbeld dat other people wont see but we notice. Cara & Jared told us how much u were talkin abt us on set but u never asked our permision to rip us off. An when ninja texted u sayin wassup wif dat u said nothin like a scared lil bitch. U were jus flauntin our names pretendin to b down. u aint down an u never will b. but before we knew da extent of ur two face nature – u invited us to ur movie premiere(which i didnt wanna go to) but ninja went , tinkin ur solid guy an mayb there was jus a lil “misunderstandin”. Den poor ninja had to sit thru dat hole bullshit movie. An u even got da nerve to say wassup to him smilin – an ninja has to b nice cus he is there wif his kid. But we all tink u wack. U shud start a crew called:,”im a fake fuck” ask kanye if he wants to join u. Cum show ur pretty face at my studios. U know Muggs & u know where da Soul Assasin Studios at. we watin for u. @djmuggs_the_black_goat_ @zef_alien @boojie_baby_ @ragingzefboner @_dark_force_ @dejanvisser @djhitekisgod @jipsi518

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If you can make it through that free-flowing rant of broken English, congrats. For those that can’t we’ll do our best to sum it up.

Vi$$er accuses Ayer of pretending to be a friend of the band, inviting them to the film set, and then using elements of Die Antwoord’s ‘Zef’ style without giving them their due credit.

The accusations range from the film stealing elements of the group’s intro for the VICE short film Umshini Wam to the director’s use famous black and white illustrations used in many of the group’s music videos.

The accusations keep rolling though with Vi$$er telling Ayer, “Cara [Delevingne]  & Jared [Leto] told us how much u were talkin abt [isc] us on set but u never asked our permision [sic] to rip us off.”

The singer ends the rant by challenging Ayer to come to the “Soul Assassin Studios” and face the group.

The video itself shows off Die Antwoord’s style side-by-side with images from Suicide Squad. Some of the images are from the movie, others aren’t. The use of the aforementioned black and white illustrations that Die Antwoord is known for using looks pretty blatant though.

One does have to wonder if Die Antwoord is genuinely upset that their “style” was stolen or if they’re simply drumming up interest for their forthcoming album, Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid.

[Source – Instagram]