Like Batman V Superman before it, Suicide Squad has become a divisive topic among fans and critics alike.

Regardless of a movie’s critical reception, success is measured in box office receipts and this movie is undeniably making a lot of money in South Africa.

As of the morning of August 11th 2016 Suicide Squad has earned R15 944 141 since South Africa saw its release on Friday August 5th.

Take note of that length of time, though, as this is not the box office takings of an opening weekend, but rather of a six-day period. Looking to unofficial source Box Office Mojo for that number, and Suicide Squad’s opening weekend bagged R10 411 383.

To give that number some context, Deadpool made  R9.3 million and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice made R16 million in their respective opening weekends.

Internationally the movie made $115 million (R1.5 billion) in the opening weekend in the US. As impressive as this sounds, if the film’s earnings drop off beyond this point it could still qualify as a flop.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet and need some convincing one way or the other, check out our review or our podcast where we discussed it.