Vodacom’s new Plus packages: How do they compare to Telkom’s?

Telkom has been causing a bit of a stir in the South African mobile market with its FreeMe packages over the last couple of weeks.

The bulk of these packages offer free voice calls, unlimited data and unlimited text messages, but Vodacom has now also come out with packages to compete.

“Telkom paved the way with [its] data-centric FreeMe packages, answering consumers cries for more data and less voice minutes with their contracts,” said Anthony Seef, CEO at mobile spend and package tracker Tariffic. “It seems that Vodacom thinks this is a good idea, and [has] adjusted [its] current packages to cater to this high-data world.”

Seef commented that while Vodacom has pushed up its data offering, it doesn’t seem willing to let go of the voice options.


He also pointed out that the extra data is going to cost you a bit more, “and although you’ll get this data at a good price, they still don’t compare to Telkom’s new packages for data-hungry users.”

The question still remains though: it is better or worse than Telkom’s offering? Well, the depends on how you look at it.

According to Seef, you will be receiving less SMSs per month and will be paying more for the additional data, but this extra data does in fact work out cheaper compared to the cost of adding a separate data bundle.

And there is a caveat – “the cost saving only becomes significant with the more expensive RED packages, where you’ll land up only paying R100 more for an extra 1GB, 2GB, or 5GB, depending on whether you’re on a Classic+ (equivalent to Red Advantage), Premium+, or VIP+ package.”


In short, Vodacom’s new Plus Packages aren’t that competitive, from a price perspective. “However, these contracts will still be compelling to current or potential Vodacom customers who use a fair amount of cellular data every month,” Seef concludes.

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