This week the podcast is a little longer than usual because we’ve got a special treat for you after Nick and Brendyn have droned on for a bit.

To begin, the pair have a chat about The Elder Scrolls: Legends which has been in open beta since last week.

Brendyn found it a bit tough but not in the same way that Dark Souls is “tough”, and felt that Bethesda’s take on a collector card game is overall rather impressive. If you’re looking for a free game to play this weekend, why not give it a spin?

Nick was lucky enough to play a bit of Hearthstone’s latest adventure One Night in Karazhan. So far it seems like a fun romp through Medivh’s tower, though some of the cards players are equipped with will not be making their way into decks. Just the thought of a 1-mana card that summons a random Legendary induces the red mist to descend before our eyes.

Then before being booted out of the studio, Nick and Brendyn have a chat about the abominable state of the Priest class in Hearthstone and Blizzard’s decision to ban ‘Purify’ from the Arena.

Finally, Adam got to sit down with Eslie Basson from Fujifilm to discuss the history of the brand in South Africa as well as the latest camera from the firm, the X-T2.

As always, you can find links to all of the stories we discuss in the podcast below.

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