Last month we found something awesome on design-sharing website MyMiniFactorya 3D printed phone case that aims Poké Balls for you in Pokémon GO.

At the time we wrote about it, was only available for the iPhone 6/6s, but now it’s come to other devices, including Android.

The premise behind the creation is simple: it’s a phone cover which includes a narrow path for your finger that is perfectly straight. Using this when you throw Poké Balls in-game ensures that they always throw perfectly straight.

Jon Cleaver is the man behind all of these creations and we have to commend him; when he created the first version he promised to make more if there was enough interest and he has delivered. As he writes in the description of the 6/6s version:

“This product is only compatible with iPhone 6 shaped phones. I will make Pokeball Aimers for other shaped phones if there is enough interest,” writes Cleaver “Ok, there is definitely enough interest. Bear with me, I am endeavouring to design Pokeball Aimers to fit more phone models, such Samsung phones, iPhones, and many more.”

Check below to see if you’re phone is compatible:

If your phone isn’t on that list, you have two options: download one of the files above and edit them yourself, or wait for Cleaver to (hopefully) add your device in, in the future.

If you don’t have access to a 3D printer, Cleaver is also offering to print one of the designs for you through his Etsy shop. Just keep in mind that he is based in Australia and you’re going to have to contend with international shipping.

Pokémon GO 3D Printed Aimer


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