Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Take, for example, this 3D print that turns a soda pop bottle into a flotation device for a GoPro.

The free design was created by Reg Taylor and can be downloaded from the MyMiniFactory site.

This is simply an adapter which uses the universal GoPro mount to attach to the bottle top of whatever plastic bottle you have to hand.

Once you have the adapter printed, you need to glue in the bottle cap and attach your GoPro. After that you can pop it into any body of water where the weight of the camera will flip the bottle around leaving the construct free to float around.

Taylor has provided designs for a Coke bottle (30,5 millimetre diameter cap) and for common water bottles (32 millimetre cap). And, as always, you can download the files and change them to fit your needs, but that’s a lot more work than going out and buying a Coke.

You can also fill the bottles with different amounts of water to change how deep your camera sits in the water.

Gopro themselves sell a similar product in the “Handler (Floating Hand Grip)” which sells at the premium price of $30 (~R400). While we have no doubt that it’s of higher quality, it’s far more expensive than some 3D printer filament and a bottle of Coke, which may even be free if you already have the materials at hand.