If you’re a fan of Voltron – the giant robot made out of five, smaller robot lions – but you’ve never been able to afford a statue of your hero how would you like the ability to 3D print it?

Yes thanks to Jurica Pranjic, you can download and print your own Defender of the Universe for free off of MyMiniFactory.

This isn’t just a huge lump of plastic either. The files come with the five separate lions which you will need to combine to form Voltron.

As awesome as this is, especially with an update from Pranjic which includes a sword and shield, this is going to be a difficult print. He also adds that this version, with 1.2 millimetre wall thickness, 0.1  millimetre  layers and 20% infill consumed about 1.5 kilograms of PLA.

This print also makes us excited for the possibility of a LEGO Ideas Voltron set, which could become a reality in the near future.

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