Amid mixed reviews and reports of terrible performance on PC, No Man’s Sky has had a massively successful release on Steam this past weekend.

Looking at unofficial numbers on SteamSpy, about 495 853 (give or take 17 435) people have bought this game on Steam, with 422,191 (± 16,090) owners having installed and played it since launch.

We hope that difference is due to people not having time to play the game, and not a case of them being unable to do so because of the game’s performance issues.

The peak number of players during the weekend was around 212 613 according to another unofficial source in Steamdb. To put that number into perspective, PC Gamer reports that it’s “at least 46% more than what was achieved by every other 2016 release at launch“.

No Man's Sky Steam Sales Numbers
Numbers provided by Steamdb and SteamSpy

All of these massive numbers could mean a lot of money landing in the coffers of the game’s developer Hello Games. No Man’s Sky comes with a $60 (R600 local Steam price) price tag. Even factoring in those who received a review copy, those who chose to refund the game and a few other nominal factors, it could mean millions of dollars have already been generated.

Also keep in mind that all of this is only looking at the PC version of the game; there’s no hard data just yet on the PlayStation 4 version which launched a few days earlier and has time to rack up more sales.