Blizzard’s Overwatch seems to be having creating the same cult-like community that the publisher’s other games manage, as the fan creations are still rolling in.

Case in point: this scale 3D printed version of McCree’s revolver, the Peacekeeper.

This massive hand cannon comes to us from Jeff Lagant who has chosen to host his creation on MyMiniFactory.  Looking at the images below and you’ll see that it fits great in the hand, without the wrist-breaking kickback you’d expect from a revolver that big.

If you don’t like McCree but still love 3D printed Overwatch props, we also recently featured Torbjörn’s rivet gun.

Finally, we’d be remiss not to mention another version of the increasingly famous gun – a LEGO version made by the plastic ‘bricksmith’ ZaziNombies.

You may have heard of this name before, as he’s also created Tracer’s Pulse Pistols and Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer.


Other interesting 3D prints you can get for free on MyMiniFactory: