Activision has announced that David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff will be the star of its 80’s themed Call of Duty game, Zombies in Spaceland.

The musician and star of TV shows Baywatch and Knight Rider appeared at Gamescom this week and it was revealed that he would play the role of a theme park DJ, guiding players as they progress through the game.

Speaking to the Press Association about the role the actor said, “The reason I loved doing Call Of Duty is they encouraged me to create the character. It wasn’t just ‘let’s just hire David Hasselhoff and make him be a typical DJ’.”

Hasselhoff also revealed that the game will feature throw-backs to characters he’s played in the past including Michael Knight.

“Just so over the top”

Despite being known for his acting career (personally I prefer his music career), Hasselhoff said this week that the storytelling – of all things – is what drew him to the project.

“The reason I like the gaming thing is the crossover into stories and acting. I like that about this game. I hate movies that are just special effects and don’t have a story. They lost me totally and there’s so many films out there now that are just so over the top,” he told the Press Association.

Okay, hit the brakes for a moment.

“…so many films out there now that are just so over the top,” says the man starring in a game about zombies, in space that was also behind the official soundtrack of Kung Fury? A bit rich don’t you think?

Despite that we’re excited to have The Hoff in a video game. Call of Duty: Zombies in Spaceland staring David “who doesn’t like how over the top movies have become” Hasselhoff releases alongside Call of Duty: Infiinite Warfare on 4th November.

[Via – BT]