There’s no denying how convenient video streaming services like ShowMax are, but one does have to wonder how much data they eat up.

Of course you could just check your internet use after a marathon binge watching session but ShowMax has a data use calculator that might help you find out how much data your last Big Bang Theory marathon used up.

Once you land on the calculator page you are given a choice of bandwidth capping settings. This is how high (or low) the data cap on your connection is. The low option represents streaming at a resolution of 360p.

The medium option is for streaming at 480p and the no capping option is for streaming at 720p.

From there you can select how many hours of ShowMax you watch every week and once you’ve done all of those steps you’ll have an idea of how much data your binge watching sessions are using.

It’s also important to point out that ShowMax uses adaptive streaming. This means that the stream will adapt depending on much bandwidth is available to the stream. The amount of bandwidth ShowMax can use can be changed in the settings of the app or on the web portal.

“We purposefully made bandwidth capping applicable at the individual app level rather than have a blanket setting for the account,” said ShowMax chief product officer, Barron Ernst

The price you pay to push play

Recently, ShowMax found that the biggest reason folks aren’t adopting internet streaming services was the cost of data.

“Forty percent of respondents said the main reason they don’t use internet TV services is the high cost of data,” said Ernst. “Twice as many people chose this over the next most common concern, which was not understanding how to set up internet TV.”

“The data cost challenge is greater in Africa than almost anywhere else and ShowMax has been at the forefront of tackling this, first with downloads and now with bandwidth capping. The key to success in Africa is tailoring your service to local needs,” concludes Ernst.

[Source  – ShowMax] [Image – CC BY SA Sten Dueland]

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