Ben Affleck has sent out a tweet which contains footage of DC villain, Deathstroke.

Now, we aren’t saying that Deathstroke is guaranteed to be in the next Batman film but given the tweet we’ve embedded below, its pretty certain that Bats will face Slade Wilson the next time we see the dark knight.

In that short 30 second video we see Deathstoke approaching what looks to be the loading bay of air carrier or a train filled with what appear to be armoured vehicles.

The clip is entirely silent but we do get a glorious shot of Deathstroke’s black and orange body armour.

Those that are brave enough to admit they played Batman: Arkham Origins will notice a striking similarity between this suit and the one used in that game.

So which movie?

All that’s left to find out is which film Slade will be appearing in.

This is a tricky thing to determine because Deathstroke was once in the Suicide Squad but given that Affleck tweeted this out its more likely that the character will appear alongside Batman.

The possibility that he will appear in the bulk of the Justice League isn’t entirely outside the realm of possibility as the film is, according to IMDb, still filming.

There’s also the chance that he would appear in an Untitled Batman Reboot which Affleck is slated to appear in according to IMDb once again.

Whatever Deathstroke appears in though I’m quite happy to drink it in. The character’s appearance in Arrow was superbly portrayed by Manu Bennett and being able to see the character in a feature length film will make me giggle like a child on the playground.

Unless of course this is all some elaborate troll, in which case can we move to start call him Boofleck instead of Batfleck?