Wearable are so popular these days that everyone and their dog has one. Well, everyone and their cow at any rate.

Behold, the Cowlar, a wearable that can be attached to cows on a collar and used to better manage a herd of dairy bovines.

Instead of helping to improve a cow’s health via exercise, the Cowlar tracks metrics such as eating, sleeping, mating and even its temperature. All of these aspects are important to farmers hoping to increase how much milk each cow produces, how long it will live and its mating patterns.

The Cowlar sends this information to solar-powered base station up to four kilometres away where it can then be relayed to the farmer in a number of ways. They can receive a SMS alert, an automated phone call, or they can simply log onto the Cowlar website and look at the stats on a dashboard.

Pakistan-based tech company E4 Technologies designed and built the Cowlar, which apparently sold around 1,000 units in April of this year alone.

Also in April Tech In Asia reported on the development with input from co-founder Umer Adnan. They state that each individual Cowlar costs $69 with a $3 monthly subscription fee after the first three months. We don’t know about any costs for the base station or other additional fees, and there’s no information on the site about it.

We also don’t know if this will be available in other countries outside of Pakistan.

The Cowlar look promising and it makes some bold claims in the video and article above. The proof however, will have to be in the milky pudding as more farmers adopt the tech and produce statistics over long periods of time.

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.