Zimbabwe will again see another crippling #ZimShutDown demonstration tomorrow.

The protest action is being organised by social change group, Tajamuka/Sesijikisile in a bid to force President Robert Mugabe to step down amid extreme economic crises.

The group, which was behind July’s initial shut down, made the announcement at a media briefing yesterday, calling on Zimbabwean citizens to again make their voices heard.

This image was posted across social media yesterday, appealing to citizens to heed the shut down call and has been widely shared.


According to Hardlife Mudzingwa, one of Tajamuka’s leader, the shut down is guided by the following situations:

  • Citizen’s demands for reduced roadblocks
  • Delayed payment of civil servant salaries and bonuses
  • Police brutality
  • The cash/bond notes crises
  • Citizen’s demands for improved service delivery,health and education

“This shut down is a correct footing in the right direction where we are now taking a red zone as a campaign. We’ve seen the satanic face of the government…we have witnessed how ZANU-PF has continued to instill fear to criminalise lawful protests…then delegimitsation being done by government of various hashtags that have been backed by citizens in this nation,” Mudzingwa said.

Protests and stay-aways in Zimbabwe have been banded under the #ThisFlag movement started earlier this year and have all been met with hostility from the state and its security forces.

During the July shut down, access to WhatsApp, a key social media tool used to organise the demonstration, was cut off.

All smaller protests organised in Zimbabwe since last month saw swift brutality from state police, the latest acts seen in last week’s protest in the capital, Harare.

The chances of social media access being cut off can be averted by using a secure VPN service.

“…The young people in this country have suffered for a long time and we will not allow any unruly elements to continue what they used to do, which is violence,” Mudzingwa said. “We will build safety in numbers. We are not a violent campaign and we will not involve ourselves in violence.”

“…We will continue as we’ve been mandate to build a prosperous Zimbabwe…we will ride on the rights enshrined in our constitution, in particular, the Bill of Rights…based on all this, this campaign will seriously build and enhance the citizen’s voice,” he added.

Tajamuka said it aims to hold peaceful demonstrations every week in the hopes that Mugabe steps down before December this year.

[Source – YouTube, Image – CC Wikimedia Commons]