We don’t think it would be slightly controversial to call No Man’s Sky a disappointment. But, would inserting Mario make it any better?

No Mario’s Sky is a game created for the  Ludum Dare 36 game jam where teams get 72 hours to create a new game.

Here’s the game in a nutshell: you, Mario, run around a planet collecting coins and lives while crushing Goombas. Get to the end of the first level and a beefed up version of Toad will give you a spaceship, which you can hop in and fly across space to a new planet.

This really takes the concept of Mario’s levels being called “Worlds” to a new extreme, as each planet has a theme and tile-set similar to a World from the Mario games.

If this all sounds like your cup of tea, you can play it for free right now on PC, Linux and OS X. The download is available on game sharing site itch.io.

We took the developers up on their offer and downloaded the game to play. It’s extremely impressive for a game made in a short amount of time. Sure, there are some bugs here and there and the music is maddeningly loud and repetitive, but it’s still fun to play for 15 minutes, something which some people don’t say about No Man’s Sky.

We suggest you download this right now for two reasons: it’s worth your time and energy and we’re pretty sure that Nintendo will probably try and take it down soon.

The developers,”ASMB Games”, are made up of Alex McDonaldSam IzzoMax Cahill and Ben Porter. Why ASMB? Well because that’s the first letter of their names combined. We know, it’s a trivial thing to mention but we’re mentioning it dammit.

If it feels like we’ve been down on No Man’s Sky in this story, check out Deon Du Plessis’ first impressions of the game’s opening two hours and read about the frustrations he had to endure.