A protest similar to the mass #ZimShutDown stay away/demonstration scheduled for today in Zimbabwe is taking place here in South Africa.

The South African arm of the Tajamuka group, which is behind the shut down, told htxt.africa that a #ZimShutDown protest was scheduled to happen at the Zimbabwean embassy in Pretoria from 10am, in solidarity with the one happening back home.

The group called on citizens in the city to join them in marching from Burgers Park the Pretoria CBD to the embassy to approach the Zimbabwean ambassador, Isaac Moyo, with a list of demands.

The demands include the following, some which have been issues faced by citizens back in Zimbabwe over the last few months:

  • A conducive environment to return home to
  • No bond notes
  • No police brutality
  • Civil servant salaries to be paid on time
  • No unnecessary roadblocks

The group said should Moyo not address them, they will stage sleepover at the gates of the embassy until he does so.

[Image – Google Maps]