3D print Ahsoka Tano’s lightsabers from Star Wars Rebels

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Ahsoka Tano is a fan favourite in the Star Wars community. While she didn’t appear in the movies, she’s prevalent in the animation side of the franchise, and now you can 3D print her lightsabers as they appear in Star Wars Rebels.

Brad Harris has created the hilts for both of Tano’s weapons and uploaded them to MyMiniFactory for anyone to download and 3D print.

Harris says that he printed his version of the hilts in orange, with the main one (the longer hilt) being split into two parts. As he also uploaded images of silver versions, we assume he painted them after the fact.

Now for the bad news we’re sure you saw coming: this design only covers the hilts – you can’t use them to create the white blades of energy that Tano is known for. This may be a blessing in disguise as the blades’ white light don’t really lend themselves to being printed in an opaque plastic.

If you want more Star Wars paraphernalia, Harris has created hilts for Kylo Ren, Count DookuPalpatine, Darth Maul, and Mace Windu sans the “Bad Motherfucker” inscription Samuel L. Jackson claims he had on his movie prop. Hopefully someone fixes the STL file to correct this inconsistency.

Visit the MyMiniFactory page to get this design



Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.


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