Blizzard bans card from Hearthstone Arena before it’s even released

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As the release date of Hearthstone’s latest adventure One Night In Karazhan approaches, the game’s community has been poring over news about the new cards on offer.

One card that’s come in for quite a bit of ire is ‘Purify’, a two mana Priest spell with the effect “Silence a friendly minion. Draw a card”.

Hearthstone players have been up in arms about how they think this card is utterly terrible – so much so that Blizzard has removed it from the pay-to-play Arena the day before One Night in Karazhan is released.

The only thing this card will be purifying, is itself.
The only thing this card will be purifying, is itself.

This card is bad for a number of reasons. To begin, the Silence effect, isn’t all that valuable considering that players with Priest decks can use a card called Silence which costs zero mana, to silence any minion not just their own.

That factor aside, in the eyes of the community the biggest faux pas from Blizzard with Purify was making it a Priest card.

We need a new priest

The Priest class is terrible at the moment – especially in the game’s pay-to-play, Arena mode. The trouble with Purify in the Arena mode is that it’s a common card so it will crop up in the deck-building phase more often than something like an Auchenai Soulpriest, which is actually useful.

This would mean that Purify might replace a card which is actually good.

That seems like a small problem but in Hearthstone small issues can result in big problems.

In response to the community outcry surrounding this card (which has included scathing remarks from popular streamers such as Kripparrian and Amaz), Hearthstone lead designer, Ben Brode, took to YouTube to address the community.

“I think we misread the community sentiment going into the [One Night in Karazhan] reveal,” Brode said in a video.

“Purify was absolutely the wrong card to reveal for that environment. Knowing what we know now we would have put a different card in there,” Brode explained to fans.

“I do think Purify is good for the game and to have in a set but maybe it would have been better in a set full of splashy, exciting, powerful, Priest cards.”

Brode goes on to explain that Arena players will more than likely be the hardest hit with Purify as it doesn’t really provide much value to the class. It’s important to note that at this point in time Priest is not even viable in the Arena.

The solution? Banning the card from Arena mode before the Karazhan adventure even hits clients tomorrow.

“We’re going to make Purify not show up in the Arena,” said Brode. “I don’t think that’s going to solve Arena balance but its a slight change to help move things in the right direction.”

You can watch Brode’s full video below but we think it goes without saying, its time for Blizzard to make Priest great again.

[Source – Hearthstone]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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