Real-time graphic shows mindblowing global mobile usage stats

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The world’s most popular mobile instant messaging service, WhatsApp, sees over 27 million texts being sent and received between its more than one billion users.

This is according to realtime animated mobile statistics graphic posted by DealSunny which tracks usage 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“It integrates all of the latest growth data for web searches, ad revenue from mobile users, activity on leading social media and chat apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, and mobile spending, among other interesting growth factors,”DealSunny said about the graphic.

“This is then displayed next to a ticking counter, allowing people to see the huge mobile usage stats right before their eyes.”

Other interesting stats on the graphic include:

  • 68 million searches on Google every hour
  • 58 million swipes on Tinder in one hour
  • Over 1 300 Samsung phone sold in one minute

“One thing that is clear, is mobile popularity shows no sign of slowing down as even citizens in the poorest of nations are gaining access to mobile devices, the web and apps,” DealSunny concluded.

Check the graphic out below.

Presented by DealSunny



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