We try and keep our “check out this awesome 3D print design” stories to one per day, but since today’s allotment was used on a Pokémon story about a Dugtrio “bobblehead”, we thought we should show some 3D-printing love to Digimon too without truly breaking that guideline.

On offer here is the Digivice, the, erm, device, that has a variety of functions including making Digimon Digivolve.

Okay, the prefix “digi” is getting real old now. I’ll stop using it now, I promise.

This design comes to us from Jill Cope who has posted it on MyMiniFactory, where you can download it for free.

Now, because we’ve barely been able to contain it up until now and it’s the perfect song for a Friday, here’s the original opening theme. We are truly sorry about putting this nostalgic earworm into your head. Well, sort of.

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