Samsung has announced that it will be recalling as many as 2.5 million of the Note 7 handsets it has sold, according to a report on CNN.

After an investigation the firm discovered a problem with the battery in some of the phones which causes the handset to burst into flames while charging.

The issue was first reported by South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency which cited an anonymous Samsung official. At the time, the official said that Samsung would make an announcement about a recall of the Galaxy Note 7 this weekend or early next week.

Given that the problem poses a significant safety risk to users, it’s likely that Samsung expedited the process by making the announcement now, rather than next week.

So far, there have been 35 reports of this happening worldwide, and Samsung itself identified the battery problem in 24 of its Note 7 smartphones. CNN says preparations to recall the phones are expected to take around two weeks.

When the recall process begins, users will be able to switch out a possibly faulty handset for a new one regardless of when they bought it.

This problem shouldn’t affect South Africans as the phone has not yet been officially launched here, however if you managed to get your hands on a handset we would recommend getting in touch with Samsung customer care locally to find out what you should do.

[Via – CNN]